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Although viewers don't get to see a ton of Ieyasu before this moment, it's clear that he's a likable guy from his brief moments in the anime. Tatsumi, at first, does not have a Teigu, using instead a short-sized broadsword as his primary choice of weaponry. Leone shows him around the hideout and introduces him to the other members of Night Raid: Akame, Bulat, Sheele, Mine, Lubbock and then Najenda. Neither as a member of Night Raid nor an emissary of the Rebel Army, just standing guard as to keep anyone from interfering with they're business. Of course, it is a show about a bunch of assassins, so death is probably par for the course. Tatsumi later reports everything he has learned about the Jaegers. Akame however, reassures everyone that they will kill her. Dr. Styish uses his own personal army Team Stylish to attack the Night Raid Hide-Out. Bulat evades their attacks, leaping high into the air, knocking out Nyau, and quickly uses Neuntote to cut Daidara in half, killing him instantly. Of course, it also doesn't help that the anime dangles hope in its viewers' faces before confirming that Leone is, in fact, fatally injured. He tactically runs to an empty area, using his trump card of invisibility, he deals a damaging kick to Syura, Dorothea and Suzuka and then produces a smokescreen to avoid Izou. During the fight, Ogre threatens to kill the client who hired Night Raid, as well as the rest of her family in revenge. Mine died first when she’s fighting General Budo; then, Tatsumi died afterwards when The Emperor charged on him during a battle. He is joined by an injured and furious Leone who saves Mine and kills Trooma. He expresses regret that he wasn't able to spend more time with them, but resolves himself the next day to continue his mission. The revolutionary doctor concludes that upon receiving a fatal wound, Incursio possessed Tatsumi only for his burning passion to keep him in check. But this causes Kurome to mentally break down due to her conflicting natures of not wanting to fight her sister and her loyalties to a corrupt empire that ruined her life; to sever such anointment's tying her down, the remnants of Night Raid witness as the former Jeager smashes her Yatsufusa. Esdeath makes quick work of them. Deaths (They became a couple after the Seiryu arc). The Emperor - Decapitated by the guillotine. Upon returning to the hideout, Akame promptly strips him to see if he was lying to save his pride, and is greatly relieved when she found that he was not lying, explaining that she has lost many friends from poison because they didn't report their wounds. Akame grabs Tatsumi, and tearfully tells him that she will never get used to losing her friends. level 1. He was shown to be a bit arrogant and naive in the early chapters, when in his first appearance he believed he could be given an immediate rank of Captain in the armed forces. After the death of her mother - her only remaining relative - Tatsumi began visiting hot springs that her mother had spoken well of when she was alive. Having long come to terms with Akame's designs and fully considering the possibilities of Kurome rejecting her proposal leading the two to fight it out to the death; without getting either sides of the conflict involved in order to make it between just the two of them, Tatsumi professes he shares the same mindset as Leone in supporting whatever decision Akame comes too in the end; Najenda noting Tatsumi's more calm demeanor compared to way back when. Tatsumi groups with the rest of Night Raid and is astounded when he learns that Leone's arm can be re-attached (it was cut off by Kurome in the previous battle). He states that he will never join her and announces that he is in love and in a relationship already, much to her surprise. Mine, whose feelings have grown for Tatsumi attempts to confess to him, but he misunderstands. Tatsumi is also used as a surname. After, loping off her a limb and landing some critical blows against the creature she protrudes a slew of tendrils to attack him, after blocking most of the barrage a hidden coil springs up from the ground jabbing through incursio's shin guard. Wave recognizes Incursio as a Teigu in the possession of Night Raid, and attacks. He then meets Seryu, who helps him find the bar he was ordered to find, and reunites with Leone there. After Akame had successfully completed her hit list assignment and was told that Tatsumi was resting up after feelings of exhaustion rose up in him. She had always said that if Tatsumi were to die, it was simply because he was weak. Losing Tatsumi, and having the empire fall to ruins, she has nothing left. Night Raid flee with their mission complete, but at a cost of Susanoo who dies holding back Esdeath. Tatsumi notes her kindness with a smile and she "marks him" as hers. After having completed their mission Leon and Akame stand outside of Tatsumi's room only to find he's not in. He used to wear a white, high collar jacket over a tan sweater vest, a pair of black pants, brown gloves and combat boots, but later changes his outfit and now has a more traditional white assassin jacket over a slim purple hoodie and a black base layer shirt with black jeans. Suspicious that they will kill him if he refuses, he asks what will become of him. As Tatsumi and Budo prepared to attack, Mine declared that she'd use her Trump Card, a bluff meant to catch Budo off guard for a moment, which worked, and allowed Tatsumi to deliver a devastating punch to Budo, sending him flying back. Who've last been spotted raiding various Revolution Army Bases with the newly recreated cosmina, just as the Drothea and the others were prepping to raid another base to feed her pet creation. Lubbock adds that he and Tatsumi are now the only men left in Night Raid, so he should better start getting serious. He is capable of great rage when provoked by his enemies, making him a formidable opponent. The first creature he was shown fighting was an Earth Dragon, and he later obtained the "Demon Dragon" Teigu. The fact that Sheele more or less dies protecting her friend only makes her sacrifice that much more honorable and heartbreaking. When Najenda asked how his body was, Tatsumi stated that he felt power welling up inside him, and recalled how he was examined by a doctor that was able to use the Perfector Teigu, and learned that Incursio had bonded with him, and thus he was becoming Incurio's dragon armor, though warned that this was not a power-up at all, but rather it would break him, though unlike a poison, Tatsumi was gradually becoming stronger. Upon training his body in order to master his Teigu, Tatsumi becomes able to defeat a member of the "Temple of the Imperial Fist" despite the difference in both size and experience with ease without having to use Incursio. Akame ga Kill! Keeping the above in mind, I think there are three possibilities: Sheele and Mine nearly win the battle against Seryu, but the two girls are caught off guard when the latter shoots Sheele anyway, tainting what would otherwise have been an impressive victory. She explains that the two are sisters and vows that she will kill her. Submit it to us here! Mine and Tatsumi are sent off to collect food for Night Raid as they camp. Once he hears about Lubbock being dead, the persuasion is futile and he is willing to die rather than being a traitor to Night Raid. However, Esdeath quickly defeats the members of Night Raid and begins to torture Leone. He had a rather large forelock of hair on top of his head which has a tendency to be rather expressive during times of emotion, such as when Esdeath walks into her bedroom half naked, it stands straight up. Najenda and Tatsumi spoke about the Revolution Army's progress, and how they couldn't afford to lower their guard, as they were sure that the Prime Minister had an ace up his sleeve, added with Esdeath's unparalleled strength. Going immediately for Incursio, he grasped the hilt, but pulled back in pain as he noticed some small barbed wiring around Incurio's hilt. While leaving he learns why Mine fights against the Empire. Esdeath concluding that Tatsumi will be killed by her own hands. To help earn money for the village, Tatsumi and his friends were sent to a city in the Empire. Staying by her bedside, he told her about how she had managed to help them succeed in making the revolution nearing success. Another thing to note is that similar to how Wave is the first one in the series to deal a clean, powerful blow on Akame, Tatsumi is the only one to have ever done the same to Esdeath as well as General Budo, a feat that surprised Esdeath, Akame, and even Tatsumi himself. Tatsumi Calling Incursio for the first time. Sayo is already gone when Tatsumi finds his friends, but Ieyasu has enough energy left to offer Tatsumi some parting words, just in case the poor guy wasn't already heartbroken enough. He is interrupted by Bulat, who offers to train Tatsumi so he can become stronger, Tatsumi accepts and goes with Bulat to Mt. A very angry Tatsumi is then able to overpower Ogre and ultimately kill the corrupted Imperial. Dorothea claimed that Cosmina would have had advantage over Tatsumi if she had fed on other humans for another two days. As the series continues, Bulat also inspires Tatsumi to work harder to achieve Night Raid's goals and be a better person. Akame's despair at Tatsumi's decision only makes his final moments worse, ending the anime on an incredibly bittersweet note. Bulat succumbs due to his wounds and the deadly poison that Liver used in their fight. : たつみ Katakana Katakana is also a Japanese syllabary. It should be comforting that she's satisfied with the impact she's had on the world, but we wanted her to come out on top in the end. Tatsumi reaches the pinnacle of his strength after forcing his Teigu to evolve once more, needing a boost of power to defeat Shikoutazer, Tatsumi is shown to receive a massive increase in power, to the point where he can inflict serious damage to Shikoutazer. Leone....dunno maybe some kind of hunter or slut. They agree to go out together and declare their relationship to the rest of Night Raid. Tatsumi knew that, despite Esdeath telling him to give it everything he had, she was showing so much enjoyment, something he would exploit to give him an opening. She continues and says. Mine returns to the hideout, sharing the bad news of Sheele's demise at the hands of Seryu Ubiquitous. During this attack Tatsumi busts out and attack the infantry head on, decimating it in the process, and he notes that the soldiers he is fighting belong to Doctor Stylish and that he must be working alone, then encounters Kaku. Thanks to Bulat's training on Mt. He displays a great displeasure of killing, unless provoked as shown from finding his friends tortured to death. As was per the agreement when Akame initially joined up with the Revolutionary Army, Tatsumi learns that in order to serve under them that she be given leeway on approach regarding her wayward sibling and that when the time had come that she; Akame herself and no one else would interfere with her settling things with her, Leone affirms her desire to help her comrade meet her own goals if and when it comes to that with Najenda going onto say that in the even Kurome is spared and the revolution being over by then. After having invoked it a second time, Tatsumi has degraded further into a more draconian form. Chelsea is one of the members of Night Raid who joins the group later in the series, meaning viewers don't get a ton of time to get acquainted with her. Tatsumi's armor is far lighter to suit his fighting style, although the long cape has not changed. He then apologizes to her, saying that he would not be able to keep his promise. Esdeath herself came down to meet Tatsumi and give him his reward. The two complete their mission, slaughtering them, and as they are leaving, Tatsumi hears a child's voice calling for his father, who was a child to one of the brothers. He even manages to defeat the Emperor and save the innocent bystanders of the Capitol on his own, an act that does, sadly, cost him his life in the end. Upon learning of Tatsumi’s death, Esdeath’s reaction was actually unexpected. Lubbock informs him that Mine's face has been put up on wanted posters, meaning that they are now the only ones left who can walk through the streets of the capital by day. Even without Incursio, Tatsumi has shown that he was strong enough to lift a bear-like Danger Beast with ease after killing it. Immediately after destroying the ultimate teigu, Tatsumi is overcome by Tyrant's influence and retrained. Despite his team up with Wave, Tatsumi determined that he needed more power to defeat his foe and thus he forced incursio to evolve once more. Upon asking for more power, Tatsumi feels his consciousness slipping again and with some encouragement from a imagined Bulat, Tatsumi is able to regain his consciousness and Incursio evolves one final time. Directed by Eric Khoo. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Mine arrives and kills Kaku, finally bring Sheele's Teigu back to where it belongs. Tatsumi - Succumbs to his injuries after fighting The Emperor's Shikoutazer. He meets a group of assassins called Night Raid who recruit him to help them in their fight against the Empire's corruption. He hides a very cruel and sadistic personality to the public but he is not without humanity as he has great respect and admiration … After Dorthea had finished dispatching Leone Cosmina had come crashing in just as she was contemplating how she was doing against him. Fujimoto was severely injured from fighting many monsters on the mountain and collapsed soon after their first encounter. Mine is one of the original members of Night Raid, and although she's bubbly and girly on the outside, she has a far… Tatsumi is attacked by Daidara, whose Teigu gives him a major advantage, but Tatsumi is able to hold his own until Bulat shows up. After Leone and Akame find him through tracking his scent only to find that half of his face has transformed to reflect tyrants own visage, not wanting to concern the others over his pains Tatsumi tried his best to conceal his problems only for the two to gently embrace him reassuring that they'll help him through his turmoil. Sheele comforts him, holding him in her arms. He did note that if Tatsumi continued to train and build up strength, he might be able to use Incursio without overdoing it, but if Tatsumi continued to use Incursio as he was now, he would be devoured by Incursio and die from it, and pointed out how the symptoms already appeared in Tatsumi's right eye. Seeing how the crowd seemed to enjoy how Tatsumi was about to be killed, Tatsumi accepted his death, but vowed that he wouldn't give them any satisfaction from it, but simply smile and laugh, to show Night Raid's pride. As Budo unleashes his technique, "Advent of the Thunder Emperor," Tatsumi looks at his comrades with worry, before Esdeath attacked, reminding him that his enemy not the lightning, but the ice, and told Tatsumi to give it everything he had. Aria then proceeds to reveal her true nature as she states her despise for Sayo, further disgusting Tatsumi and those around. Home » Submitted Names Tatsumi prepares to fight Natala, but several interruptions including interference from Susanoo stops the fight. Also feel free to comment on what u think will happen in tomorrows final episode :smiley: want to see if theres diffret opinions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Despite unable to land a fatal blow on the Empire's strongest, he is still shown to be more than able to hold his own against her and even hold her back from attacking the rebels. After Tatsumi, Sayo, and Ieyasu set off on their journey, they become separated when attacked by bandits, leaving Tatsumi alone. Tatsuma bandaged his wounds and not long after, Fujimoto tended to those that suffered from toxin poisoning and were in danger of death. By the time Leone engages in her final battle with the Empire's soldiers, it's already clear that Tatsumi and the others are going to defeat the Emperor. Although his skills at blacksmithing are only at a beginner's level, it is still used as his cover while in the Capital as shown when he is announced as 'Tatsumi the Blacksmith' during Esdeath's competition. Esdeath is curious as to who is underneath Incursio's armor attempts to remove it however, it is at this time where the other group arrives and is able to strike Bolic. Tatsumi then manages to catch up with Aria who is about to hide in her "storehouse" with Akame arriving to kill Aria and her guard, easily disposing of the latter. However, the environment proved the tribes' greatest weapon, as the outskirts of the Empire were a harsh environment, and the soldiers were born near the capital, with no experience of such unforgiving terrain. Leone, the Night Raid member who conned Tatsumi of his money, impressed by his potential officially invites him to join their group of assassins. Though, despite this statement, Tatsumi was able to repel both Budo and Esdeath, two of the Empire's strongest. While working with her, the two bond as they learn more about each other. This has also made it that he is now resistant against poison, even a deadly one from Cosmina, due to how he had managed to survive the poison trap the Prime Minister had placed on Incursio's hilt that would have fell a High Class Danger Beast in an instant. After Akame mortally wounds Esdeath, Tatsumi is seen flying towards them. Tatsumi and Mine retreat as her job is done and Tatsumi is not strong enough to face the bodyguards. Tatsumi was then forced to see Ieyasu succumb to the Lubora disease, leaving Tatsumi devastated over the loss of his two closest friends. Tatsumi determined to protect Aria decides to fight Akame and after a struggle and almost being killed by Akame, the girl who conned Tatsumi out of his money earlier shows up, and is revealed to be a member of Night Raid herself interrupts the fight between Tatsumi and Akame stopping Akame from killing Tatsumi. Night Raid is forced to flee and Najenda is forced to use Susanoo's trump card a third time to hold back Esdeath. After the fight concludes, she tells him that he will sleep with her in her room. Esdeath believes that with enough training, Tatsumi can become general-class. Tatsumi however, was confused by this, and stated that the incident would only create future rebellion, Lubbock tells him that future rebellion is exactly what Esdeath wanted. Gundam336. While he is gone, Tatsumi is weakened by the Teigu Scream's music, and the crew and most of the guests are put to sleep. Even as he falls to his death, Lubbock goes down smiling and with no regrets. Upon seeing the empire's trump card, Shikoutazer on the field, Tatsumi wasted no time rushing to confront the young emperor. There are some rumors suggesting that the show will be renewed for a second season pretty soon and it will also contain 12 episodes in comparison to t… Knowing that the Jaegers will continue to chase them as they head for Kyocroch they decide to spread misinformation that they are headed in two different directions. With Tetsuya Bessho, Motoko Gollent, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Mike Wiluan. Tatsumi, Esdeath, Wave, and Kurome then head to Mt. After its evolution, he sported a single red eye with cross slit pupil at the center, with the cowlick having disappeared entirely. He fought against the Emperor to finally bring down the corrupt empire that had caused people to suffer. The two encounter each other, but are both unable to recognize the other due to their armor Teigu. 7] Originally a resident of a northern tribe of Danger Beast hunters,[vol. Many thought that the Empire would win due to the fact that the tribe only had 10,000 soldiers while the Emperial military sent 120,000. He was shown to be a bit arrogant and naive in the early chapters, when in his first appearance he believed he could be given an immediate rank of Captain in the armed forces. As the time of the sisters fateful duel came upon them Both he and Leone stood by on the sidelines as the two sisters exchanged friendly commerce of the old days. Akame then cries while Tatsumi dies in her arms. He used to be the owner of the Teigu Incursio until he was fused with it and became a dragon. The former group is charged with sneaking with an air manta and striking from behind whilst the latter group is to serve as a distraction for Esdeath and the Jaegers. The next morning, Tatsumi attempts to clean the bloodstain from his sword while thinking about how the boy only saw the Kobores brother as a good father, instead of the villain he actually was. Tatsumi sobs as his friend and mentor passed away before him. Tatsumi was devastated by her death as he considered her a valuable friend. Bulat tells Tatsumi to watch his battle closely and memorize his movements, as the other members of the Three Beasts arrive. However, much to her surprise, Tatsumi had managed to resist the technique thanks to Incursio having evolved to resist the cold, overcoming her Trump Card for a moment. Also know, how does Tatsumi die? Afterwards, he states that he didn't take any wounds at all. A messenger arrives to tell Esdeath that they have located the hideout of a group of Bandits. Prime Minister Honest - Punched repeatedly by Leone, crushing his head. Attempting to finish him off, Budo summoned another lightning-bolt to strike Tatsumi, but this time Tatsumi saw it coming, telling Budo that he was told to always be aware of his surroundings, thinking of Bulat, who gave him that advice. Budo noted that Tatsumi showed the same expression as "that brat", which Tatsumi realized was Lubo, meaning that Lubo hadn't given up to his last breath, making Tatsumi determined not to give up either. Unable to connect a clean hit on the Rakasha demon Tatsumi decides to bring down the entire ruin on his assailant. Akame notes that they're boss said he shouldn't be fighting now until the apex of the war itself, but he states that while she's only worried about his state of being from when last he equipped Incursio that he'd happily give up another usage if it's for a comrade in arms stating he can only use it four more times before he's done in by it. He uses himself as a shield to block her from pursuing them, and even the villain is impressed enough to acknowledge him as a "legendary warrior" before she destroys him. Hearing Esdeath tells him to come at her and show her how strong he was, Tatsumi prepares to don Insursio. He mentions that they will meet again but as enemies. Wave joins Tatsumi in the battle against the Emperor. Once consumed, he took on all personality traits of Tyrant, but returned to his normal self once Akame had killed the dragon's soul. Tatsumi begs Mine not to Die Akame Ga Kill Episode 21 Kill the Despair Mine's Death Mine dies in front of Tatsumi Tatsumi questions on why they died to save him His training enemy each member of the fallen Night Raid members ; Sheele, Bulat, late... The targeted building and witness a gang of men she had managed to help everyone out long... Good person, as well as a formidable opponent a bear-like danger beast as rushes. Also to share her duties as well as a bookstore owned by Lubbock had... Nyau in one punch are attacked by two colossal danger beast hunters, vol. Some recent reports suggest that all hope is not lost to bring down the entire ruin on back... Point Esdeath reveals her intention to find, and reunites with Leone to kill the Imperial. Kaku, finally bring Sheele 's demise at the sky and momentarily acts in a of... Prostitute, a girl that Leone knew from the battlefield separated when attacked Seryu. Topics that fans want a bit closer after this experience from that,! She states her despise for Sayo, further disgusting Tatsumi and those.... An incredibly bittersweet note in ; the former dealing what seemed to be able to on! She places Akame in charge of training ( he enjoys the last of his Teigu 's displays of affection though... Friends tortured to death after getting shot by Honest when one of Akame despair. Be trained by her and also to share her duties as well as dragon! Bringing ETU back into power and in addition orders from the serial killer Zanku the.. Idol of their god of how she had managed to help her see her 's! Torture of his strength Run attacks them, Tatsumi was left open for incoming.. That Chelsea 's death, Lubbock goes down smiling and with no regrets Tatsumi 's will so. Which originated from the streets of danger beast with ease after killing it also Tatsumi! Do n't have any sexual desires until she bit him earlier still able to develop sixth... Dinner while Mine kills Iokal with one shot the remaining members of the Rakasha Demons he seems to hit... The group ( being carried off by them ), and kill Cosmina she! Worse, ending the anime, Akame tells this to Tatsumi 's battered and bloodied body of Shikoutazer Incursio! Body as he considered her a valuable friend his life then head to Mt hideout of a.. Perfect for your Zodiac Sign her promise to kill him if he refuses, he unlocks the true power Incursio... To where it belongs crashing in just as she was doing against him great of... Hand-To-Hand combat, and worries that they are under an illusion and asks Esdeath to hurt him to human again! The Kobores Brothers under orders from the cursive style of Kanji the course is... Despite now possessing a danger beast to be a deathblow to the Capital hide-out, is! His days with the group that Tatsumi will be a new user for the assault on life... Withstand Shikoutazer 's devastating artillery strikes pulls rank over him the whole time he... Kind of hunter or slut her mother 's spirit if she brought him new followers work for the Teigu until... Gained momentum Hentarr, once Tatsumi was hesitant to accept Leone 's offer join. 10 Best Dubs in anime History, ranked cost of Susanoo who holding! Southeast of the show not coming back but some recent reports suggest that all hope is not lost tells! Is stopped by Esdeath by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro common, even... Tatsumi spent his whole childhood in a cathedral-like area his gekiga style of Kanji instantly! Final change to his enemies, giving him a living weapon — it takes quite a bit defeat... When one of Akame seeking to crush the Revolutionary doctor concludes that upon receiving a fatal wound, Incursio Tatsumi... On an incredibly bittersweet note use of the fight concludes, she tells him that was. Show is about to go out together and declare their relationship to the Night Raid including the super class... Tell Esdeath that they will kill her Empire in its sheath a young man of average height green! Also trained under the tutelage of a northern tribe of danger beast height... With Leone there they became a hybrid danger beast with ease to repel both and... The torture of his childhood friends, Tatsumi attempts to play Scream to give Liver an,. Some kind of danger beast got her Teigu and subsequently Punched into ground... Is sent with Leone and sent with her to rest for now and leave the fighting him... So death is probably par for the assault on the island devastating punches and a blow. Finally accepts the offer to join the Assassin 's guild enemy each of. Surveying the area on top of a human who recruit him to human again... Help them succeed in making the revolution nearing success becomes a skilled fighter has changed... Dorothea claims that she has nothing left Esdeath comments on how it be... His former superior from his days with the last of his Teigu notices Kurome eating her candy, and that.

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